Sunday, September 2, 2012

Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break Season 2 5th Gala Night: A SHOCKING TWIST

Today's gala night is one of the most shocking episode that happened in the history of Protege.

Protege's performance today is really awesome.  Every duo presented their talents in singing and dancing, eventually do their best to make it perfect.

But here's the shocking twist and incident that happened in Protege.  The first shocking twist is the multiple elimination wherein four of them will be eliminated.  Dingdong Dantes announced that  Andres Vasquez, Vien Allan King, Steffi Pacheco, David John Llanas and Shelly Hipolito are in the bottom spot.  Dantes announced that Shelly is the one who will remained in the Protege. Many fans in worldwide web especially in Facebook and Twitter got shocked with this announcement.



The second shocking twist :  All the mentors are obliged to choose 1 protege.  The mentors showed shocking faces because they didn't expected this but eventually, Ricky Davao and other mentors decided not to chose and say sorry to all the judges and the production team of Protege.  He said that they didn't expect this and all the mentors are immediately walked out.  

Dantes announced that today's gala night is suspended because of this shocking MOMENT.


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